Sunday, 12 November 2006

Music: Top 5 UK albums you probably never knew about

1 - We May Be Skinny And Wirey - The Crocketts
Before they were the Crimea, the Crocketts were a brilliant underground country rock crazy thrash band, they put on great live shows, often covering classic songs such as Ring of Fire and recorded 2 great albums, their first album was my favourite. 'We may be skinny and wirey' is such a wonderful journey of music and toe tapping tunes its really painful to knew they never had much commercial success. Look out for 'Tennasie' 'Strong Guy' 'Bucket and Spade' & 'Will you still care'

2 - Stamina - The Junket
Another underground pop-indie-rock band from the 90's, the Junket was a three piece band with great rythem, bass and harmonies. Stamina was actually a seven track mini album, but every song is so unique and utter genius. Look out for 'the Engine Man' & 'Punk Mickey'

3 - Everything Picture - Ultrasound
Ultrasound were the Pink Floyd of the 90's, fronted by tall, obese singer/guitarist Andrew 'Tiny' Wood, whose voice was beautiful and he knew how to rock!. Everything Picture was a concept double album, probably the 90's was not ready for it as the band soon split up. The album was epic, one track was about 30 minutes of noise and news samples mixed in with fuzzy guitars and screaming. Key Tracks include 'Same Band' 'Stay Young' & 'Floodlit World'

4 - Captain - Idlewild
I'm sure the now semi-famous idlewild don't really like this album, again a mini album of epic thrash rock proportions. There was no way in hell after listening to this album would you think 'yeah this band can do pop songs really well'. Captain is about 25 mins of the most exhilarating head banging tunes you will ever hear. You have to listen to 'Last Night i missed all the fireworks' 'Self Healer' & 'you just have to be who you are'

5 - When do we start fighting - Seafood
Probably the best indie rock album i have ever heard, possibly the best album on this top 5 list. When do we start fighting boasts amazing soft harmonies, contrasting perfectly with the harsh dark bass lines with a hint of folk. Very hard to describe Seafood, they're just perfect. Look out for 'Splinter' ' Western Battle' & 'Desert Stretched Before The Sun'

All very 90's... but all very good! CP

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