Sunday, 12 November 2006

Film: Borat

I've been a fan of Borat for a long time and hearing that Sacha Baron Cohen was turning his comic creation into a movie was just incredible. I thought it would be a movie that would never make it to the Cinemas and only survive on DVD but luckily for us the hype was intense and made the movie a 'great success'!

The introduction to the film sets the tone brilliantly, Borat introduces himself and takes us on a guided tour of his home town in Kazakhstan, we're introduced to his prostitute sister, his dear old mother, his larger than life wife, his envious next door neighbor and even the town rapist...

Borat is soon in the USA and conducting various interviews with people who should know better!, he manages to get under the skin of almost everyone, some don't take it and walk out while others keep their cool and endure his endless questions, these people clearly have the patience of saints.

Borat soon finds himself alone in a big city with no entertainment other than his TV, this is where he falls for the busty CJ of Baywatch fame, he sets off on a huge adventure to 'bag' him Pamela Anderson...

If you have watched most of the YouTube Borat clips from the movie you will find yourself disappointed from the lack of new material. The acting is painfully obvious in between genuine interviews and kills the genius of the film. Despite all this, the film is a must see. It defines a generation of self ridicule and don't we all feel so much better for it!.

7 / 10 CP

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