Sunday, 25 March 2007

Cult Press Update #2

With these updates, we’d like to introduce you to the fantastic features of Cult Press. So starting with this edition, we are going to focus on the main aspects of Cult Press and what they can do for you. This edition: Cult Press Profiles.

By now, everyone is aware of the Web 2.0 philosophy (e.g. MySpace, Blogger, YouTube, etc.) where it’s all about YOU and what YOU can bring to the table. Well, Cult Press is no exception to this trend. Cult Press is all about what types of news articles YOU like to read and introducing new ways for YOU to find them and share them with others.

Your Cult Press Profile is the starting hub of the site for registered members. Not only that, it is also your connection to every other registered member on the site, where you can broadcast your latest news articles and… yeah, you guessed it… blog to your heart’s desire.

So your Cult Press Profile is just a blog, right? Your Cult Press Profile is just like MySpace, right? Wrong. Oh no, it’s much, much more than that.

Of course, I can’t reveal everything right now, but here are just a few things that make your Cult Press Profile great:

  • Display your face to the world (or choose an image that suits you)!
  • Blog on the site, or load in your blog from another site with an RSS feed.
  • Age, country, contact details, homepage, etc. – say as much or as little about yourself as you want.
  • Send and receive private messages between members – or post public messages directly onto their Profiles.
  • Your user level – show everyone how good you are!
  • News articles from the site – recommended just for you.
  • Choose your favourite subject so we know what news articles to show you.
  • Fine tune your personal preferences by choosing specific keywords (favourite tags). We will only show you news articles on your Profile that have matching tags.
  • Add other members as Friends, view the articles they have submitted or view the articles that have been recommended to them via their own favourite tags.
  • Browse through your Friends’ Friends to build up a social network.
  • View the Cult Press Awards that you have unlocked – show them off to your Friends to make them jealous!
  • View your statistics – how many articles have you submitted? What is your rank? How many positive votes on articles have you received from other members?
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds featuring your recommended news, your own articles, your Friend’s articles, etc.

OK, that’s it for now. Don’t forget to look out for Update #3, where I’ll let you in on a few more secrets about articles and their tags… until then, see ya!

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